Winter Skincare for Men


Attention gentlemen. Just because the weather forecast is showing snowflakes and flurries instead of a blaring hot sun doesn’t mean your skin is in the clear. Even if you’re fully covered in layers from head to toe, your face is still exposed. Take care of your skin during the cold months with a few easy steps. You may even already be incorporating winter-weather skin tips in your daily regimen.

Shave every day? Shaving actually promotes cell turnover because you’re eliminating the uppermost layer of skin, leaving your face looking young and healthy.

Using skin products doesn’t mean having to slather on handfuls of sticky lotion. Using a moisturizer rich with vitamins A, C and E can help your face combat the harsh winter wind, and many come in light formulas.

Wash your face twice a day—cleansing promotes cell turnover and helps avoid blemishes.

Don’t forget the SPF. Snowmen may replace sandcastles this time of year, but the sun’s rays are still strong and potentially dangerous. A light face moisturizer with SPF does the trick while supplying the skin with nutrients.

SOURCE: The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

IMAGE: Fashion Network Seattle

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