Whitney Houston Turned Down for Plastic Surgery Weeks Before Death

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Since her death, information regarding Whitney Houston’s turbulent life has been exposed. In the weeks before her shocking passing, she was turned down for plastic surgery because she failed to meet the health requirements to have procedures done.

According to the coroner’s report, Houston had surgery done in the past. There were small scars, like the kind found post-breast implants, as well as stomach scars likely from liposuction. Houston also wore dentures, which is a common trait among long-term drug abusers. Other potential cosmetic scars include a scar on her thigh. It is not confirmed whether the scar on her leg was from surgery or an accident.

While Houston was naturally beautiful, it was a common belief that she went through cosmetic surgery to maintain the appearance of youth. At the time of her death, the only place where she didn’t have notably smooth as silk skin was on her neck, which showed signs of her age.

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