What is on Dr. James J. Salz’s Desk?

Dr James J Salz

Dr. James J Salz gives us an inside look at what he keeps close at hand to keep him, focused, motivated and eager to provide the best quality of care possible.

First is a picture of my family, with my 9 grandchildren, which inspires me to keep working.

My computer with the Photo of Haute Living on the screen which enables me to answer emails and more keep track of all our patient records, exams, billings etc with our Electronic Medical Records system SRS.

My Samsung Galaxy cell phone allows me to answer emails and do texting out of the office plus show off all my family and travel pictures and favorite videos including eye surgical procedures. I even do some eye testing with it. 

My work telephone which I use for consults with patients and other doctors.

The Los Angeles Lakers schedule so I won’t miss going to a few games each season.

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