Cosmetic Toe Surgery Gives Patients Comfort Options for Celeb Style, Say, a la Emma Stone


For millions of women, one of the components of looking great is fitting into an exquisite, though sometimes painful, pair of high heels.

Now, doctors are giving patients an option to help make life in heels a little easier.

Some cosmetic surgeons say that heels put women in the untenable position of getting the right sized stiletto and having their toes cramp in the front, or the wrong sized stiletto and have their heel come up short. The medical industry is taking in roughly $45 million  year to repair damage from high heels, but new procedures are making the shoes more manageable.

Emma Stone wore Christian Louboutin Perspex Un Bout heels at the Spider-Man premiere in Rome in June.

Women now have the option to surgically manipulate their toes to create the perfect foot for the perfect shoe. Other women are adding injectables to the pad of the foot to give that little bit of cushioning that can make a long day in heels a little more bearable.

The American Podiatric Medical Association says that surgery should only be undergone for the relief of pain, not to alter feet for smaller shoes. Cosmetic surgeons point out that heel appeal and the feet inside aren’t going to change, and women should feel comfortable while wearing stilettos.

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