Traditional Cleansers Provide Deeper Clean than Wipes

facial cleanser

Facial wipes have sprung up from skin care brands including Olay and Yes to Cucumbers. While they are great for tossing in your bag and cleansing on the go, they may not have all the benefits of a traditional wash. Face wash wipes help dissolve makeup so it can be easily wiped away. Many face wipes have a combination of cleanser and moisturizer, and deposit ingredients like aloe, panthenol, or glycerin to leave skin soft after use, to avoid having to carry two products. They will do the trick when you are collapsed in bed and cannot stand the thought of walking to the sink, or after a visit to the gym.

Yet New Jersey Dermatologist Jeanne Downie recommends keeping cleanser with water washing as a part of your routine. Even better, use a two-part regimen. First use a facial wipe to remove grime, makeup, sweat and oil. Then use lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser to more thoroughly clean off every trace of the day.

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