Top 10 Celebrity Health and Wellness Ambassadors

heidi klum

Big-time celebrities all over the US are adopting health and wellness trends quicker than you can say “juice cleanse.” Whether these super-healthy A-listers are attempting the latest yoga craze or trying the trendiest sustainable diet, we know they’re dedicated sharing their tips so you too can better your lifestyle.

The Huffington Post featured the following list of healthful celebs:

David Lynch founded the David Lynch Foundation for Conscious-Based Education and World Peace to help spread his stress-reducing tips to the masses.

Victoria’s Secret Model Miranda Kerr has been a yoga enthusiast for over a decade, has launched her own skincare line, and believes in the health of mind, body, and spirit.

Jessica Alba is a known green lifestyle enthusiast, and her role as a mother inspired her to found The Honest Company. The business promotes natural living and non-toxic products for family use.

Oprah Winfrey. Need we say more? She encourages millions of fans to seek a healthy lifestyle through self-empowerment and spirituality.

Hip-Hop legend Russell Simmons is a vegan, meditation enthusiast, and yoga expert. Simmons even launched his own yoga clothing line…go figure!

Alicia Silverstone may have been “Clueless” in 1995, but now she’s a published vegan author and runs a lifestyle website, The Kind Life. The site offers healthy eating tips, eco-beauty suggestions,, and advice on sustainability.

Richard Gere is a lover of meditation and yoga, is a devoted follower of the Dalai Lama, and narrated an award-winning documentary on the life of the Buddha.

Jennifer Aniston is so passionate about yoga that she’s appeared in a Yogalosophy DVD. Aniston claims that yoga is the key to a positive attitude.

Comedian and actor Russell Brand meditates often, even working with David Lynch.

Heidi Klum blogs about nutrition, wellness, and fitness on the regular to help readers improve their health and lifestyle.

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