This Seasons Guilty Pleasure: HoneyBell Body Buffer


This season’s guilty pleasure is surprising because it isn’t the normal jewels, cars or designer couture; it isn’t even a gift someone else buys you. It is a gift most people buy under a pair of large designer sunglasses. One of the hottest items being restocked in Neiman Marcus and Harrods London is a gift most people won’t admit they bought for themselves. Surprisingly it is the HoneyBelle body buffer designed to diminish the appearance of cellulite and massage sore muscles pre and post work out.

Amazingly it has caught the attention of a professional athlete who choose to remain anonymous but has turned his NY Jets teammates onto the only thing strong enough to penetrate and ease his sore muscles. Giuliana Rancic has been one of the few to actually talk about her use of this small machine and the results it has given her.

I know we live in the land of the svelte and beautiful but, I was caught off guard by this little secret and that is what makes this, the guiltiest Haute gift we won’t be talking about this holiday season.

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