The Not-So-Skinny Foods That Make You Skinny

Source: Words from the Hallway Blogspot

Have you read our blog post on foods you should avoid? Well, the following list might have you rethinking the health craze that encompasses America. What you’ll learn: Eating chocolate makes you skinny and…well, just read the list. You’ll thank us later, right after you indulge in these fatty foods that keep the fat off of you.

Delicious Foods That Make You Skinny
1. We cringe at the thought of olive oil in our foods, but truth is, this fat contains a protein responsible for breaking down the other fats in your body. The more you consume of the protein, called adiponectin, the lower your body mass index (BMI) will be. Plus, olive oil contains polyphenols, which contribute to reducing the risk of certain cancers.

2. Chocolate can give you a rockin’ bod, as long as you’re foregoing the milk flavor and opting for the dark one instead. Dark chocolate contains pure cocoa butter, which has a high saturated fat content of stearic acid. This helps slow digestion, making you stay full longer. So, in essence, you might pass up that slice of pizza you were craving earlier.

3. “Coke, you nut.” Actually, coconut, and not coke, gives you a slimmer waistline. More than half of the fat found in coconut comes from lauric acid, a natural saturated fatty acid that battles bacteria and improves your total cholesterol and enhances good cholesterol.

4. Today, snack on almonds. Tomorrow, see a thinner you. Researchers from a study from the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders found that almonds can make you lose weight and can reduce your waistline. Keep it healthy by adding almonds to a salad or to low-fat yogurt.

Which is your favorite from this list?