The Liplift Becomes Weapon Against Aging

Liplifts are becoming more popular

Cosmetic surgery has for years been an effective weapon to reverse the years, and now there’s new possibilities to help enhance the appearance of the mouth.

This month in Vancouver, Canada, the members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) are discussing the most effective ways to reverse the signs of aging around the mouth.

Even after a facelift, aging around the mouth create an asymmetry in the face. While the rest of the face looks younger, the mouth area can still reveal the years.

“Atrophy of the lips, wrinkles around the mouth, and skin discoloration due to sun damage cannot be corrected by a facelift, but various technologies do provide pathways to improve the appearance of the perioral region and reverse the signs of aging,” says Dr. Michael Kulick, a San Francisco surgeon.

Doctors have used injections of fillers and neurotoxins over the years, and now liplifts are becoming a popular technique to bring the mouth area in line with procedures already completed on the rest of the face.

“Our goal is about achieving total aesthetic harmony in the entire mouth area as well as the rest of the face,” Says Reston, VA surgeon Dr. George Weston.

The ASAPS is also working on formulating new comparison scales for lip aesthetics and volume, which the doctors say will produce a better understanding of treatment outcomes for patients and physicians.

Source: the American Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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