The Latest Trend in Body Contouring: the Brazilian Butt Lift


More and more women are achieving a look that even the most buxom celebrity would be jealous of through the hottest trend in cosmetic surgery: the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Prior to the development of this procedure, women achieved a shapelier and fuller derriere through implants. Today, it’s out with the synthetics and in with the natural.

This method of butt augmentation surgery begins with liposculpture, liposuction performed around the rear (stomach, lower back) to make it more prominent and eliminate excess fat and skin. The fat removed through liposuction is then refined, and transferred back into the buttocks with microinjections. The injection sites are chosen meticulously to achieve a full, balanced shape.

Results of the so-called Brazilian Butt-Lift are long-lasting and, depending on how extreme the liposculpture, usually natural-looking.

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