The Difference Between BB and CC


In the arena of beauty treatments, two new facial lotions have emerged, the BB and the CC. BB stands for beauty or blemish balm, while CC stands for color correcting cream. Both are designed to be primers, lotions, sunscreen, and a skin treatment for various ailments from pimples to wrinkles with SPF or vitamin C. So what is the big difference between the two?

The CC cream is designed to correct pigmentation problems including dullness, brown spots, rosacea, or redness. It uses pigments to diffuse light, even tone, and make skin appear to glow. At the same time, they apply antioxidants such as Vitamin C, arbutin, and licorice extract, to help decrease differences in pigmentation. As a final step, the CC creams include anti-inflammatories such as niacinamide to reduce the appearance of redness and brown spots. Both types of creams are available from drug store brands like Garnier to high-end luxury retailers like Chanel, bringing their first CC cream to the United States from Asia soon.

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