Take Care of Your Hair


As we age, our bodies stop absorbing minerals and vitamins, which in turn causes our hair to stop producing as much keratin (the protein that makes it strong and healthy). Luckily, there are a few ways you can defy nature and help keep your hair looking healthy, as long as you understand what’s doing the damage.

One of the biggest culprits of aging and keratin depletion is frequent heat styling, especially with the professional-grade tools women are now using at home. Put simply, heat depletes the moisture in your hair. Going beyond your standard deep conditioner, new innovations have been created that actually mimic the hair’s missing keratin, filling in the gaps created by age and environment.

Just as stress can cause a breakout on your skin, it can also cause your hair to rebel. Stress causes large spikes in adrenaline production, which can convert into androgens, including testosterones which can cause extra hair to fall out. The best solution is to relax, but if yoga and meditation aren’t on your schedule, ask your doctor about prescription anti-androgen treatments.

It’s a fact: hair is the last area of the body to retrieve to any of the nutrients you ingest. Maintaining a well-balanced diet is crucial, and combined with a host of supplements readily available at any pharmacy, you can keep hair looking and feeling healthy.

Consult your physician if you notice an unsettling amount of hair collecting on your tile or knotted in your shower drain. Both women and men suffer from hair loss, but there are several solutions available to keep hair growing. Check out the Haute MD Rolodex to find the best hair consultants in your area.

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