Surgery Trend: Jet Set Surgery


Medical travel has always been enticing because the cost of the procedure in a foreign location could be up to a third less than the price of the same procedure in the United States. The newest plastic surgery getaways are taking it to the next level, with an emerging trend known as “jet set surgery.”

Now, various companies are offering just that. For example, with “Surgeon and Safari,” patients fill out a survey and then fly to South Africa, where they undergo their procedure and recover while on a safari at a luxury resort in Cape Town. Price-wise, the package costs less than the surgery alone would in the US.

Patients also have a tropical option—Venezuela’s International Surgery Center on Margarita Island offers an all-inclusive package including accommodations, a pre-travel medical evaluation, a personal escort on arrival, interpreter and email and phone support at home after the surgery.

American doctors urge patients to research prior to traveling for surgery, and remind them to never sacrifice safety, quality and certification for mere price.

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