Sun Skin Solutions: Chemical Peels Heal Damage Caused by UV Rays

Chemical peels offer solutions for damaged skin.

Chemical peels are one tool cosmetic surgeons have at their disposal to fight the effects of the sun’s rays on the skin.

The peels can be performed just for a thin layer of skin but can also be used deeper into the skin to reverse extensive sun damage.

Doctors clean the skin and then apply an acid-based exfoliating solution to remove the layers of skin. After the acid is neutralized to stop the process, the dead skin is removed and an ointment is applied.

Chemical peels can be used to combat a wide variety of skin sun damage including leathery skin, dark spots and fine wrinkles. Doctors have many options for chemicals to use depending on the depth of the damage and whether or not the patient can undergo multiple treatments and tolerate the side effects.

Deep chemical peels can take weeks or even months for the skin to completely recover from.

As always, the best policy to prevent sun damage in the first place is to protect the skin with long sleeves, a hat and sunscreen. Be sure to consult a to discuss the best treatment option for your particular needs.

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