Stars That Undergo Plastic Surgery Before Age 30


Appearances have never been more important for actors and actresses. That being said, quite a few celebs have undergone plastic surgery procedures before the age of 30 in the efforts of maintaining youthful appearances.

Lindsay Lohan, 25, looks much younger she is. While Lohan has not spoken of having plastic surgery done, it is obvious in photographs taken before and after the secret procedures.

Megan Fox is another actress who is believed to have undergone plastic surgery. One of Hollywood’s sexiest stars, Fox is thought to have gotten cosmetic surgery to enhance the beauty that nature bestowed upon her. Once again, the proof is in the photographs taken from when she was younger compared to those taken in recent years.

Ashley Tisdale and Heidi Montag are two actresses who have openly undergone procedures. Tisdale openly admits to having surgery done at the age of 22, with another procedure done to repair a deviated septum. Montag started plastic surgery at age 21. At 23, she shocked the entertainment world by undergoing 10 different procedures in one day.

Pictured: Heidi Montag

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