Expert Tips For Hot Yoga First Timers

Haute MD Yoga

The popularity of yoga has lead many to not only partake in its simplest forms but also in hot yoga. Hot yoga uses heat to help deepen the stretches and boost heart rates. As hot yoga can be conducted in rooms up to 105 degrees, […]

British Researchers Claim E-Cigarettes Could Save Lives

Researchers are now contending that electronic cigarettes might actually save lives. A research team from University London College claim vaping could help save the lives of 6,000 smokers each year for every million smokers.   The British researchers argue that the public health community has […]

Saffron Diet Gaining Popularity with Luxury Demographic


You can pay a lot for a little pinch of saffron to add to an exotic dish, but what are its benefits in terms of diet? Well, apparently the benefits are substantial, because a new saffron extract luxury diet is gaining popularity with those who […]

U.S. Government Amends Dietary Guidelines on Cholesterol


Health experts and doctors have long cautioned patients to avoid high cholesterol foods like butter and eggs. While these foods have been avoided due to their artery clogging, heart disease and stroke inducing qualities, a new report claims they might not be so bad after […]