New Study Associates Breastfeeding with Higher Intelligence


Breastfeeding has previously been proven to help infants fend of infectious diseases and even reduce mortality rates. However, a new study is lending even more reason for mother’s to breastfeed, showing it can be associated with a smarter child. Previous studies have found breastfeeding increases […]

Dr. Delgado Talks CoolSculpting for Pseudo-Gynecomastia

Miguel Delgado

is the process of non-surgical fat removal by freezing that causes the fat cells to die. Surgeons and researchers continue to find new applications for CoolSculpting. Among the latest trend is the use of CoolSculpting for . Pseudo-gynecomastia is male breast enlargement caused by fat […]

Dr. Miguel Delgado Discusses Gynecomastia

Miguel Delgado

is the medical term for men with female type breasts. Dr. Delgado explains to his patients that there is varying degrees of breast development for men. 60% or more of men will have some form of gynecomastia at some point in their life. It can […]