Expert Tips For Hot Yoga First Timers

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The popularity of yoga has lead many to not only partake in its simplest forms but also in hot yoga. Hot yoga uses heat to help deepen the stretches and boost heart rates. As hot yoga can be conducted in rooms up to 105 degrees, […]

Common Painkillers Might Carry Increased Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke


Common pain relievers like Motrin IB, Celebrex and Aleve are coming under fire for a believed increased risk of heart attack and stroke. The Food and Drug Administration warns people that in even small amounts, nonaspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs could have negative consequences on health. […]

New Study Claims Bodies Aren’t Getting Enough Vitamin D


A new study conducted by U.S. scientists is shedding light on all of those cautions about staying away from the sun. Researchers believe that in countries with low solar intensity, the general population could actually be at risk for health problems. Published in the “Journal […]

New Study Associates Breastfeeding with Higher Intelligence


Breastfeeding has previously been proven to help infants fend of infectious diseases and even reduce mortality rates. However, a new study is lending even more reason for mother’s to breastfeed, showing it can be associated with a smarter child. Previous studies have found breastfeeding increases […]

FDA Committee Signs Off on Two New Cholesterol Drugs


An advisory committee for the Food and Drug Administration has given the green light on two new drugs targeting cholesterol. Currently most people are prescribed statins for cholesterol. The two new drugs offer fewer side effects when compared to statins. Due to the committee’s response […]