SmartLipo: The Advanced Method of Liposuction


In order to maintain a physically fit physique, a healthy lifestyle involving a balanced diet and frequent exercise is required. However, as much as we may try, we all have those stubborn ‘problem’ areas that just don’t respond to our efforts. As a result of this, thousands of people turn to liposuction every year for a quick remedy.

Although liposuction is the #1 most popular cosmetic medical procedure in the United States, many Americans fail to properly educate themselves on the procedure and the ramifications it may bring about. The traditional liposuction procedure has been known to cause significant blood and fluid loss, as well as a very high occurrence of complications, including infection and death. Additionally, recovery time is lengthy, allowing for further potential complications. Fortunately, over time there have been drastic updates to the liposuction process. This breakthrough occurred in the mid 2000’s, when two types of laser-assisted liposuction techniques were approved by the FDA; SmartLipo™ is one of these advanced methods.

The key distinction between SmartLipo and the conventional liposuction technique is the improvement in the preparation process for the elimination of fat cells. Laser liposuction only requires a very small incision, which allows for an overall less invasive procedure. Regular liposuction recovery mandates that the patient wear a compression garment for a period of 2 to 6 weeks after surgery, where as the SmartLipo recovery duration period is significantly shorter. Through laser-assisted liposuction, one can expect a much safer and virtually painless surgical experience as well as a rapid recovery, with flawless results that only a laser could procure.

Like any surgical procedure, SmartLipo is not for everyone, yet a large portion of the population can be considered for the treatment.

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