Side Effect of Plastic Surgery: Identitiy Crisis?


Some psychologists are reporting that plastic surgery may cause mental problems for patients.

They say that people have an attachment to their own face, and when it’s altered it may create more issues than the surgery solves. “That image that people see in the mirror and take for granted actually runs deeper,” says Dr. Vivian Diller.

She continues to say that imperfections like the eyes or nose being a little off give individuals a sense of identity, and once those flaws are changed by cosmetic surgery, the person in the mirror is no longer the person the patient knew before.

Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc says that while a few patients do request that they want their facial features like a smile or their eyes to remain the same after surgery, many patients instead aspire to look like someone famous. Patients like that might be trying to find the quality of life they perceive the famous person enjoys and when it doesn’t come as a result of the surgery, they can lose their sense of identity.

Some doctors do screen for the psychological reasons behind a patient’s desire for plastic surgery, but it’s not an industry requirement. Others say the screening would actually hurt their business.

Source: The Daily Mail


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