Shopping for Pounds


You go to the grocery store and stock up on greens, grains and protein. However, as you’re paying for your healthy foods at the check-out line, you’re also paying a hefty price on your life.

When checking out, you’re overwhelmed with junk food options, from candies and chips. Nine out of 10 shoppers make impulse purchases on items that weren’t on their lists.* Many of these items can be found at the front of the grocery store, and soon after, they can be found inside your carts. Weight gain, anyone?

Dr. Deborah A. Cohen, a senior natural scientist at Rand Health, says that people fall victim to buying junk food at check-out lines because of a struggle occurring within the brain. “Our brain has both automatic and deliberate thoughts, a fast and slow way of thinking,” Cohen said. “We are wired to act first and think later, so we grab a delicious food without stopping to consider the consequences.” She also noted that foods at the check-out line account for 30 percent of all supermarket sales.

Is a Babe Ruth really worth the extra pounds? Maybe, maybe not. But one surefire way of losing the weight is undergoing one of the numerous plastic surgery procedures available, from a tummy tuck to liposuction.  Check out our medical network to find a board-certified plastic surgeon that will meet your wants and/or needs: Haute MD Members

Remember, though, skinny doesn’t always mean healthy. So, we also recommend you eat right and exercise.

*Survey by The Checkout, which is an ongoing study conducted by The Integer Group that looks at shopping behaviors

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