Secrets to Fighting Under Eye Bags

eye bags

Do you wake up every morning and look in the mirror only to find harsh under eye bags staring back at you?

Countless Americans do. As we age, the ligaments and skin under the eyes stretch and allow fat to collect below the eye. Genetics and allergies can also play a role as to how susceptible we are to the bags and whether our children may ultimately have them as well.

One easy tip that can sometimes reduce puffiness and swelling is a change in diet. Salt makes the body retain water, so reducing salt intake can help reduce the visibility of the bags.

Cosmetic products can also aid in eliminating or concealing under eye bags. Creams with retinol will help in the long term, but products with serum albumin produce more immediate results. It acts like a shrink wrap for the eye and can provide an immediate lift.

Cool cucumbers have been a traditional remedy for eye bags, but potatoes may work better. The starches in the potato coupled with the low temperature helps to lighten the skin around the eye.

For a more permanent solution, surgery is always an option. New techniques allow doctors to make an incision below and behind the bags to remove fat and give the eyes a lift.

Source: ABC/Dr. Jennifer Ashton write my essay cheap within