It Takes Two: Secondary Body Contouring Discussion for Cosmetic Surgery Doctors

Secondary Body Countour Procedures Increase for Plastic Surgeons

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) is taking on the challenge of secondary cosmetic surgeries.

At a conference this month in Vancouver, Canada, the doctors addressed the growing need for secondary procedures to clean up and improve the results of a previous cosmetic surgery procedure. “The artistry and skill of plastic surgery is really put to the test when you take on the challenge of improving upon previous surgery,” says Dr. J. Peter Rubin of Pittsburgh.

Body contour patients can sometimes end up with unexpected results due to the unpredictability of the healing process. Occasionally, plastic surgeons are seeing patients that had their initial procedure performed by a doctor outside the specialty field of cosmetic surgery. Laser and ultrasound procedures done by under-qualified doctors can create a daunting challenge for even the most experienced aesthetic plastic surgeon.

“The biggest problems I see are caused mostly by non-plastic surgeons using thermal liposuction methods,” said Dr. Simeon H.Wall of Shreveport, LA.

Doctors at the “Secondary Body Contouring – Do It to Me One More Timediscussion also explored the growing role of qualified plastic surgeons in this “cleanup” role; how to more effectively use thermal devices like laser treatments; and the drawbacks of performing secondary procedures. You also can do formative testing in buy college essay at much more informal ways , I know there is this massive push to test the students in the same fashion the chinese do, but having taught in china I often think the costs to teachers and students alike is too high