Scar Revision Can Help Remove Signs of Surgery or Injury

Feature Well: Beauty, "Winter Skin Survival," p. 173

Scars can be a lasting reminder of an injury or a giveaway of cosmetic surgery. Thus, one of the concerns for many patients when they consider elective surgery is the possibility of scarring.

Scar revision can help to mitigate the appearance of a scar through several options.

A doctor can offer a topical to help a scar to fade and, in some cases, minimally invasive procedures or even surgery can be used to help obscure a scar.

There are several things to consider before undergoing a procedure to help improve the appearance of a scar. If the scar is a problem, you don’t smoke and you are otherwise healthy, scar revision may be an option.

Also, a doctor can help you determine if you have any acne or other problems that may impact an attempt to improve the scar.

Patients need to have realistic expectations. While scar revision can help minimize the aesthetics of the scar, it often cannot remove the scar completely.

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