Say Cheese: Let Veneers Transform Your Smile


Your smile. It’s the first thing people see, unless you’re hiding it.

Whether bad hygiene habits, an injury or bad genes are the cause of embarrassing teeth, consider veneers as a minimally invasive fix.Dental veneers transform teeth without having to start from scratch. Instead of painful, time-consuming implants, veneers cover the already-existing tooth.

Stained teeth? Cover up with veneers for a white and bright smile. Gaps? The veneer covers the space while attaching to the existing tooth, giving you an even, symmetrical smile. Veneers easily conceal chips and damages, making teeth look smooth and aligned.

Find out if veneers are right for your teeth troubles.

PHOTO: Esteemed Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Kevin B. Sands, D.D.S.

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