Rowing Offers an Intense Workout in a Short Time

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The term “rowing” may stir up images of a peaceful canoe ride along a scenic lake for some, however for New Yorkers embracing this new workout trend, it means burning up to around 1,200 calories an hour in a high-intensity fitness class.

Popular New York City rowing centers include Brooklyn Crew and Throwback Fitness in Chelsea, but the workout can be done in the comfort of home with the right equipment. Misguided novice rowers may think that the exercise is all about the arms or back. However, the motion tones the lower body as well as sculpting arms and upper body. Helaine Knapp, founder of Manhattan’s City Row opening in December told New York Daily News “people think rowing is a back exercise, but you can work about 23 different muscle groups.”

From encouraging playful competition among the class to creating ways to truly feel the sensation of being out on the water, the rowing industry is full of innovation and real results. Some of these home rowing machines are a great place to start your own rowing regimen.

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine $1,095.00

This uses all-natural materials and is innovated to absorb sound and vibration making for a peaceful and powerful workout.

First Degree Fitness Commercial Vortex-3 Fluid Rower $2,999.00

With a life-like river rowing innovation, will make you forget that you are not out on the water.

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