Rhinoplasty as the New Fountain of Youth


A small study reported in Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery shows that a nose job doesn’t only have the capabilities to improve your appearance; it can also make you look younger.

Doctors collected “before” and “after” photos of 53 patients who had rhinoplasty done at a private clinic. They then recruited 50 random people and asked them to guess the age of the people in the pictures. Half of the people viewed the “before” pictures first and were shown the “after” pictures a month later; the rest viewed the “after” pictures first and the “before” pictures one month later.

The patients, who ranged between 15 and 61 years old, were perceived to be 1.5 years younger after their nose jobs.

The team behind the study thinks it’s perfectly rational for rhinoplasty to have this affect on people. As we age, there is deterioration of the major and minor nasal tip sustaining mechanisms that causes the tip of the nose to slope downward, making the face look older. Any procedure that reverses these characteristics also seemingly reverses aging. Now that’s time travel. Many young victims of online bullying or predation want besttrackingapps.com/spy-on-your-spouse/ to tell a parent, but don’t because they are afraid