R20 Technique Dramatically Lowers Tattoo Removal Time


A new procedure using laser surgery allows tattoo removal patients to have their unwanted body art removed in months rather than in a year or more.


The procedure, known as R20, employs lasers over the tattooed skin This allows surgeons to remove more of the tattoo with each visit to the doctor.


While the R20 procedure is not painless, it allows doctors to do more than one pass in a single session, which dramatically raises the amount of ink that can be removed. Dermatologists are hopeful that the procedure will become the standard. However, patients should be aware that unlike other procedures, the success of the treatment is strongly tied to the skills of the doctor performing the treatment. Although not quite as college student-oriented as target, department stores like kohl&rsquos and walmart offer great prices on clothes and silveressay.com/ other items during back-to-school season