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Haute Living recently caught up with ophthalmologist Dr. Roy S. Chuck, an exclusive member of the Haute MD Network, who opened up about what’s like to be one of the top LASIK doctors in the country.

What inspired you to become a lasik surgeon?
I was one of the first formally trained laser engineers to enter the field of ophthalmology. In my original training as a combustion chemist and later a bioengineer at Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, I was fortunate to work with the original excimer and ultrafast femtosecond lasers that years later formed the technological basis for the development of the field of LASIK surgery. To participate in this evolution of the field of laser refractive surgery appeared to be almost predestined for me. My professional life has been a true bench to bedside experience.

What is the hottest technique you are currently offering?
We are a pioneer site for the latest refractive surgery technology, known as the Wavelight suite, featuring the fastest flap cutting and custom corneal reshaping lasers available in the U.S. Not that speed is everything, but it is certainly important for accuracy and is definitely more comfortable for our patients both physically and mentally.

On another front, the age old problem of restoration of reading vision after the age of 40-45 years old has yet to be solved. Although we don’t profess to solve it either, we help a lot of people by offering careful workups for monovision. We have been able to help many people by converting this classic contact lens technique to modern laser surgery by simply taking our time and listening to our patients intently and applying proper LASIK corrections.

What is the most rewarding part of the job?
I am still both touched and fascinated by our LASIK patients when they consistently tell us how surprisingly life changing their surgeries were, although this is exactly what they all hoped for at the outset.

Blackberry or iphone?
Blackberry, but I own both

What differentiates you from other doctors?
I’ve had the great honor of participating in the evolution of excimer and ultrafast femtosecond lasers from being basic physics and engineering tools, to preclinical biomedical engineering projects, to clinical application, and, finally, to now the basis for a highly respected and popular field in laser refractive LASIK surgery. I’m also a big believer in the healing power of service with a smile. Helps me and my patients both.

What are the latest trends in the industry?
All laser LASIK. Exceptionally high precision corrections with fast recovery using fast lasers and space age optical principles and discoveries. Also, just as we have always done, my research team is now currently working on the science, engineering and medicine of the next phase of vision reshaping therapies.

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Dr. Chuck, a Berkeley-trained engineer,graduated medical school from Columbia with a combined MD-PhD. He went on to chief residency at Washington University/Barnes Hospital, and then LASIK fellowship at USC. Today, Dr. Chuck is Chairman of Ophthalmology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He has led 5 FDA studies of vision correction, and authored over 100 peer-reviewed papers and 10 book chapters. He also holds multiple patents. Prior to joining Einstein-Montefiore, Dr. Chuck was professor of Engineering/Ophthalmology at UCI, and Tom Clancy Professor and Director of Refractive Surgery at Johns Hopkins. During his career, Dr. Chuck has performed many thousands of LASIK surgeries, as well as thousands of cataract and corneal transplant procedures.
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