Q & A with NYC Surgeon Dr. Paula Moynahan

Haute MD talks about the necessary prep for a facelift and what patients need to know about the procedure.
  • What is your approach to customer satisfaction?

My relationship with all those under my care is based upon the doctor-patient relationship as embodied in the Hippocratic Oath and the Hippocratic Corpus. The relationship is founded upon trust. The patient trusts that the physician is ethical and committed to their well being. Likewise, the physician trusts the patient.

  • What characteristics separate a great doctor from a good one?

Most doctors are good doctors. Greatness is a term applied to the giants of medicine whose discoveries changed the lives of mankind for generations to come. Ignaz Semmelweis , Louis Pasteur and Jonas Salk are a few of the notables. That being said, doctors who wish to distinguish themselves as far as reputation need to remember that honesty, communication and constant education are as important as training. Truly acclaimed and respected doctors put the health and comfort of their patients first and foremost.

  • How do you keep abreast of the latest advances and techniques in Face medicine?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, of which I am a member, insures that all its members (board certified plastic surgeons) are provided with the latest and most reliable advances in aesthetic medicine and surgery. Additionally, I attend local, national and international conventions and scientific meetings, read professional journals and personally communicate with colleagues on a regular basis. Continuing medical education is the key to staying current, and all of these examples provide vital information and education to render premier patient care.

  • How should patients prepare for a Facelift procedure?

The initial step in having a facelift performed is the consultation with the plastic surgeon. During the consultation, a thorough medical history is obtained and a physical examination is performed. The patient is given the opportunity to discuss their goals and expectations. After the initial consultation, medical clearance is obtained and the patient is prepared for the operation. There are numerous prescription and OTC drugs, botanical, herbal and food supplements that may interfere with coagulation of the blood. These are discontinued before and immediately after the operation. Preoperative photographs are taken. The patient is provided with the informed consent, which includes risk, benefits, alternatives, possible complications and limitations of the procedure. They are given the opportunity to ask questions which are answered to their satisfaction.

Elective surgery is an undertaking that requires thorough preparation and attention to detail on the part of the patient and their doctor. Ultimately, it is the job of the patient to consider and come to a decision on a procedure; my expertise and training enables me to provide the requested treatment, but it is the patient’s responsibility to determine their preparedness and goals.

  • What new projects are you working on?

Beginning in 1982 my patients have enjoyed the opportunity to sample and utilize a series of anti-aging skin treatment products that are formulated under my supervision. Staying abreast in scientific advances requires constant re-evaluation and reformulation. I am excited about the introduction of a technologically advanced skin system that is about to make its debut shortly!

  • Tell us about your favorite hobby.

I have two quarter horses, five dogs and three cats. They, for the most part, are rescue animals. I particularly enjoy trail riding or hiking with my dogs. Emerson has inspired me to “Look through nature to nature’s God.” It is an opportunity that provides peace, relaxation and time for reflection.

Paula Moynahan, M.D. is a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon; a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. A graduate of the Medical College of Pennsylvania, Dr. Moynahan completed her residency in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York and serves as Attending Staff Member in Plastic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital and Waterbury Hospital in Waterbury, CT. It’s been called a cheap essay writer &quotmodern masterpiece&quot by one of italy’s most acclaimed authors