Private JetMD Presents Safe and Healthy Travels Anywhere in the World


Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a novice to the skies, every passenger worries about potential emergency situations on their travels. Introducing Private JetMD, your one-way ticket to peace of mind.

With a membership to Private JetMD, you gain access to worldwide emergency assistance on your travels. Accident or illness, the team takes care of you by evaluating the situation, contacting the proper medical personnel and transporting you to the closest World Wide Network-approved facility. They can also help in non-emergency cases; they assist in replacing lost prescription drugs and eye glasses, help you with travel documents and are happy to provide real time security and weather reports.

Private JetMD provides each member with more than their insurance can: they assure $1 million dollars of coverage on all travel emergency assistance.

Membership prices start at $495 per person per year and $695 per year for a family plan. Make Private JetMD part of your travel plans: call 855-284-6911 or visit to sign up. Npr turn to npr for lessons on everything from politics paper writer to health