Prevent Teeth Stains with Well-Timed Brushing


Though your first instinct after drinking a dark beverage may be to clean it off your teeth right away, hold that toothbrush. When you drink something that with a high acid content, it can cause erosion that makes teeth more prone to staining. While common culprits include obvious beverages like red wine and coffee, they can also include white wine, citrus fruit, soda, and juices including pineapple or tomato. After being exposed to acid, teeth soak up pigment from whatever you consume afterwards more easily.

To avoid driving acid, and potentially staining pigment into your teeth, NYC dentist Nancy Rosen recommends waiting a half hour to brush your teeth. This gives saliva a chance to break down the acid. Drinking water can dilute the damaging liquids, or chewing sugar-free gum can increase saliva flow to more quickly neutralize acid.

Source courtesy of NY Magazine, The Cut. Image courtesy of Beauty through Strength.

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