Pre-Show Prep: Dr. Babak Azizzadeh Reveals the Most Sought-After Cosmetic Procedures Prior to the Oscars


Beverly Hills plastic surgeon gives us insight on the most sought-after cosmetic procedures his celebrity patients like to get done prior to an awards ceremony.

“Regardless of the celebrity’s age, the goal of cosmetic treatments is always the same –achieving natural looking results. On a night as highly publicized as the Oscars, it is vital my celebrity clients merely look refreshed, and not like they have had a lot of work done,” said Dr. Azizzadeh.

The Harvard-trained facial plastic surgeon says that Restylane fillers for the eye area and Ulthera, a system that uses ultrasound technology to treat and gradually strengthen the skin, are “phenomenal” procedures with low downtime and low risk alike, and therefore very popular amidst his celebrity patients.

“Botox is not as common anymore, says Azizzadeh. Celebrities walking the red carpet don’t want to look frozen.”

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