Post-Facial Etiquette


If skin is not the image of perfection following a facial, many patrons may wonder if they can receive a refund for the services rendered. After all, the idea behind the cleansing treatment is to unclog pores, balance complexion, and clear up trouble spots. However, blemishes after a facial treatment may not be the aesthetician’s fault. If you have not had a facial before, or it has been a long time, post-facial blemishes may be the result of the skin naturally ridding itself of toxins. Minor irritation may occur during the extraction process from pores left untreated for too long, or it may be a minor reaction to a product applied during the treatment if your skin is particularly sensitive. It is only appropriate to request a refund if you experience an infection lasting more than 14 days, or if the facialist did not use a proper hygienic technique that may have cause the reaction.

To avoid the issue all together, you should maintain a routine cleaning, toning and moisturizing skin care regimen. If your skin is sensitive, you can bring in the products you use to show your aesthetician, and work with the salon to pick out products that will not cause a reaction in your skin. When you do break out, treat the area with an antibiotic such as salicylic acid or Neosporin to help with healing. Just be sure to avoid rubbing and picking to prevent further inflaming already irritated skin.

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