Physical Activity May Ward Off Alzheimer’s and Memory Problems


Many among the aging have done crossword puzzles and brain teasers to keep their minds sharp. Now new research suggests that physical activity may do more to maintain mental clarity and prevent brain shrinkage, which is linked as a cause of Alzheimers, memory loss, and and clarity of thought, than any intellectual task. While most people know that physical activity has a host of health benefits, and is a primary method to keep the body in top working condition, new studies show that those benefits may extend to the mind.

A study published in the October 23rd issue of Neurology examined the MRI brain scans of 638 participants who were born in Scotland in 1936. All participants were aged 73 at the time of the MRI. The study found decreased brain shrinkage in the individuals who exercised regularly. No significant reduction factor was found for those who were mentally very active. The researchers indicate that further long term research is required to substantiate their results, but encourage exercise for its beneficial effects in the interim.

Content courtesy of The Huffington Post. Image Source.

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