Online Appearance May Inspire Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Can Help Fix Online Image

For people who use Skype and other social media platforms, their online presence can often include a picture of themselves.

As a result, more and more doctors are saying that people are asking for cosmetic surgery based on their perception of themselves in the internet.

Triana Lavey, a television producer in Los Angeles, says she didn’t like the way she appeared on camera. With more and more on camera work required in her business, she felt she had to make a change.

“I have been self-conscious about my chin, and it’s all stemming from these Facebook photos,” says Lavey.

She opted for chin augmentation from Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Richard Ellenbogen to help her feel better about her online image.

Ellenbogen says that most people should just try to adjust the camera if they are trying to alter their online appearance, but for some surgery might be an option.

Before the surgery, Lavey says she would try to hide her chin when cameras came out and would even go as far as un-tagging herself in Facebook photos. Now when she sees a camera, she says she’s happy to show off her new look.

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Source and Photo: ABC News