Octavia Spencer’s Post-Oscar Plans: Plastic Surgery


Octavia Spencer, known for her role as Minny Jackson in The Help, plans to follow up her Oscar night with a post-ceremony breast lift.

Spencer, now into her forties, said she wants her breasts back where they were when she was 17.

“Oh definitely [I’ll have the surgery post-Oscars] because right after the Oscars I start a Diablo Cody movie,” Spencer said. “We’re taping out of the country for four months so I wouldn’t be back here until about August. So I would want to do this around November. Then that way I could just relax until January,” she continued.

She has laid everything out on the table to keep her critics in check and is quickly establishing her reputation as a take-me-or-leave me type of star, a very refreshing quality to see in Hollywood. Her acting skills don’t hurt, either. Spencer just took home the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Help.

Source: Stuff.co.nz