New Acne Remedy—Thyme is of the Essence


The herb thyme has many medicinal uses, ranging from anti-inflammatory to anti-bacterial properties. A common ingredient found fresh and dried in most grocery stores, researchers have found yet another use for it.

Leeds Metropolitan University researchers steeped a combination of thyme, marigold and myrrh in an alcohol solution to create a tincture that was then tested on the bacteria that causes acne. Each of the ingredients showed a reaction to the acne, but thyme had the most promising results.

The thyme tincture showed more promising results than even benzoyl peroxide, which is the most common active ingredient in modern acne treatments.

While the result of the thyme acne research is great news for many, only proven and safe medications should be used. Lab testing is significantly different compared to home use, and more research and testing is required to see if thyme will actively help those struggling with acne win the battle against their skin. Multisensory teaching ensures that each student, regardless of learning type, is provided with a means of understanding the information