Myth Busters: Botox Edition


As common as Botox has become, there are still a fair amount of common misconceptions about the injections. You might even and still have questions. Haute MD Dr. Charles Hsu, M.D. of Hsu Plastic Surgery in California clears things up.

True or false: Botox and fillers are the same thing. False—Botox temporarily paralyzes particular muscles of the face so they can’t contract. Dermal fillers are different; the solution fills and plumps wrinkles and lines.

Another common thought is that Botox doesn’t last long. Injections are expected to last between four to six months, but research has shown that repeated treatments can result in permanently weakening the muscles that cause wrinkles.

Even though 11 million people have opted for Botox since 2002, some still think it’s too dangerous. In reality, the Botulinum toxin used is a purified strain that has been FDA-approved. A cosmetic surgeon knows which muscles to inject, which is what keeps the face looking natural (another example of why it’s important to see a qualified doctor).

And then there’s the pain factor. Technically there cannot be a true-or-false answer here, as everyone has a different tolerance for pain. What can be said, though, is that topical anesthetic creams numb the area where the injection will go in, eliminating some discomfort.

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SOURCE: Hsu Plastic Surgery

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