Dr. Miguel Delgado Talks About the Mystery Surgery of Men


There are many men in the world that have a deep, dark secret that they do not want to share. They keep this secret “covered” from the public and even their loved ones. This secret causes them severe mental anguish. It is called “man boobs,” the medical term for which is gynecomastia.

For many men, the onset of gynecomastia can start at puberty, affecting up to 65% of young men. This is caused by a temporary imbalance of hormones, specifically with an increase of the female hormone, estrogen. The effect of the increase in estrogen may show up as “puffy nipples” or even female type breasts. Fortunately for 95% of the young men, the condition is temporary and will resolve itself within a few months or up to 2 years. For the other 5%, it may remain a permanent condition with the only option being surgical removal.

Other known causes for the development of breasts on men are use of steroids, prescription and non-prescription drugs, weight gain, and aging, but for some the cause remains unknown. For whatever reason male breasts develop, the result is one of shame and extreme embarrassment to the point of altering one’s lifestyle.  It will affect how a man dresses and if he participates in various activities that require removal of his shirt. It may affect his relationships with family and friends in his attempt to hide his gynecomastia chest.

Men no longer need to suffer silently; there is help.  With the abundance of information available on the Internet, men have discovered they are not alone; in fact up to 65% of men will experience gynecomastia at some point in their life. There are Board Certified Plastic Surgeons that specialize in male breast reduction surgery that can be a life changing event. I have witnessed this in my own practice hundreds of times over; I’ve watched the transformation of a disheartened man emerge into a man with self-confidence and a zest for life. It is one of the most rewarding aspects to my cosmetic plastic surgery practice.

The degree of male breast enlargement can vary greatly between men, from “puffy nipples,” to a small amount of fat under the breast bud, to a full C or D cup size and even larger. Depending on the development of the male breast, there is a surgical procedure for it. For a man with man boobs caused by fat alone, there is liposuction. For a man with mild to moderate amount of breast tissue and fat, there is a lesser invasive “pull through procedure.”  For a man with enormous male breasts, there is a two-stage procedure.

To date there has not been a product or drug approved by the FDA that will effectively reduce man’s breasts; not to say that there aren’t products widely advertised for this purpose. Research continues with the hopes that someday this will be available. For personal experiences by men who have tried these products and men who have had or are going to have surgery, visit the forums at . For additional information about Dr. Delgado and his expertise in surgical procedures visit .

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