Michelle Pfeiffer Leaves Door Open For Plastic Surgery


Actress Michelle Pfeiffer sat down for an interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta this week to talk about how her lifestyle has changed now that she’s in her fifties. Pfeiffer touted her vegetarian diet and quitting smoking as helping keep her youthful appearance, but says she’s still part of a Hollywood culture that covets youth.

She says that she’s not entirely opposed to plastic surgery as an answer to fight aging. “I’m not saying that I won’t at some point. I think it’s harder and harder the older you get to say never.” she said. “If someone wants to go do something here or there, who cares?”

But the actress has also noticed the trend for some people to have perhaps too much work done. “What I object to is too much and really bad plastic surgery when I think it becomes a distraction and people don’t look like themselves anymore.”

Pfeiffer adds that more and more men are joining women in getting plastic surgery to remain relevant. “Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you’re at the top of your game or you’re fit or look great for your age or have a lot to contribute, there’s somebody younger, newer and fresher.”

Source: cnn.com; Poto: Bauer Griffin




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