Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rian A. Maercks Introduces New Breast Augmentation Procedure


Breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures today. In this society, it has become a popular way for women to up the allure factor and look younger. , a celebrated Miami Beach cosmetic surgeon and leader in the breast enhancement field, recently revealed a new method for inserting breast implants that is safer and more realistic than past practices.

Dr. Maercks’ innovative procedure is called Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation. In most breast implant procedures, the implants are situated under the pectoralis major muscle in a submuscular or “dual-plane technique.” With Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation, the breast tissue is not penetrated; a layer of connective tissues called fascia constantly supports it. The result is a more natural-looking appearance and movement of the breasts that differs from results used by other techniques.

This is a distinctive process developed by Dr. Maercks himself after his extensive international cosmetic surgery experiences. Read more about and find out more about this unique procedure and other innovative methods . It’s help me write my essay more important that you choose the right person than that you have a buddy at all