Megan Fox’s Secret to Her Post-Baby Body


Megan Fox looks fabulous only weeks after giving birth to a son. People heard from her personal trainer Harley Pasternack who revealed the secrets to the star’s fit post-baby body, and it started before the pregnancy. Fox exercised before and during the pregnancy, and ate a healthful diet. Because of her preparation, she was able to start exercising sooner after giving birth, using Pasternack’s Factor Five workouts that start with a five minute cardio warm-up, lower body sculpting, upper body toning, abdominal sculpting, and a five minute cool down. While jumping and aerobics should be minimized post-baby, Fox can still have an intense work out at the gym, or using one of Pasternack’s DVDs. Pasternack emphasizes that eating healthy along with an exercise regiment is key to getting and staying in shape. She shared the following sample workout to help kick start your routine. Repeat each move twenty times, and complete the full circuit four times.

Sample Workout

Warm-up: Five minutes on the bike or treadmill

Lower Body: Skater lunge: Cross your right leg behind your left leg as you bend your left knee into a half-squat position. Extend your left arm out to the side and swing your right arm across your hips. Hop a few feet directly to the right, switching the position of your legs and arms. Repeat on opposite side.

Upper Body: Supine (lying down) triceps extension: Lie face up on a bench with your arms raised straight above you, a weight in each hand; slowly lower them to the sides of your forehead and repeat.

Abdominal Sculpting: Superman:Lay on your stomach with your legs and arms fully extended. Slowly, contract your lower back and raise your legs and arms off the ground. Then lower them back down.

Cool-down: Five minutes on stationary bike.

Source courtesy of People. Image courtesy of In2EastAfrica.

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