McDonald’s to Provide Calorie Information on Menus


Prices aren’t the only numbers you’ll be seeing on McDonald’s new restaurant and drive-thru menus nationwide. Earlier this week, the fast-food giant listed the caloric values of every item on its menus. The move comes after the United States Supreme Court’s decision to uphold President Barack Obama’s health care regulation, which has stipulated that restaurant chains with more than 20 locations will be obliged to divulge caloric information to customers.

However, McDonald’s representatives have stated that they welcome the move. They recently revealed they will add more nutritious options to the menus in the upcoming year, ranging from seasonal fruits and vegetables to a grilled chicken option for the children’s Happy Meal.  In addition, a new Happy Meal was launched in March, which  includes apple slices, as well as a children’s-size serving of fries and fat-free chocolate milk as a beverage option.

With a calorie count now in the mix, will you think twice before indulging in a Big Mac or a McFlurry?

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