Biologique Recherche Introduces “Magical Remodeling Face Machine”

Magic Face

The French beauty company Biologique Recherche has got the beauty world buzzing with a new treatment, called the Magical Remodeling Face Machine, available at the Peninsula Spa in midtown Manhattan. The facial treatment, which costs $295 per hour, promises newly defined cheekbones, a recontoured face, widened eyes, and softened wrinkles with no needles or surgery in only sixty minutes.

So how exactly does it work its magic? The treatment involves application of a series of masks and serums, followed by light electrical currents of three different frequencies used to stimulate underlying facial tissue while calming the skin exposed to the world.

Over at New York Magazine’s The Cut, a blogger underwent the treatment and shared her (sometimes hilarious) thoughts. The author recalls a a yeast-scented msk, followed by a seaweed-base mask scented of gin, and then a third serum customized specifically for her that contained pig placenta and amniotic fluid for the vitamins and minerals it contained similar to the DNA of a human. After the third mask was applied, the facial technician rolled electrodes encased in sponges around her face in circular motions. She described the sensation as warm, but not painful twinges continuously as the electrode moved, accompanied by a faint metallic taste. 

After comparing the treated half of her face with the untreated portion, the author of the piece saw a marked difference. When the full treatment was complete, her facial skin was “supersoft, tight, and completely line free,” and after glowing reactions from others, she felt, “like someone who always deserved undivided attention.” In short, she found the benefits both physical and psychological, and would repeat the treatment again and again for the erasure of all facial stress, the post-facial glow, and the tightened skin.

Here at Haute MD, we can’t wait to try the treatment for ourselves! Tell us, have you tried the  Magical Remodeling Face Machine? What did you think?

Source and photo courtesy The Cut.

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