Dermatologists Discuss The Important Order For Applying Your Facial Products

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When you are applying multiple products to your face, such as serum, moisturizer and sunscreen, dermatologist Noelle Sherber recommends putting the lightest product on first, then moving forward progressively to the heaviest. Though there are always exceptions to the rule. Water-soluble serums should be applied to clean skin without lotion, as moisturizer could reduce their absorption, especially for serums containing vitamin C or green tea. Any water-based agent that is a hydrator with the active ingredients list including antioxidants, peptides, or retinols should be applied first. These should be followed by thicker, oil based creams that will seal in moisture, and the ingredients you applied in the first layer. For daytime, apply sunscreen on top as the last layer before makeup to prevent UV damage.

Source courtesy of NY Mag, The Cut. Image courtesy of The Well.