LASIK Surgery Offers Speedy Route to Better Vision

LASIK Surgery Offers Glasses-Free Vision Correction

For patients with less than perfect vision, glasses can sometimes be the answer. However, some people would rather clear up their eyesight and eliminate glasses altogether.

LASIK and PRK surgery offers solutions that are nearly pain free and can achieve immediate results. In both procedures, the eye is numbed with drops and then a laser is used to help correct the vision by sculpting the cornea.

With PRK the surface cells are removed, the correction is made and then the eye quickly heals in a day or two under a bandage.

With LASIK a small flap is pulled back on the cornea and the repairs are made while the flap is still attached. When the procedure is finished the flap is moved back into place, which eliminates the need for sutures.

Neither procedure takes very long, and patients can be back home within an hour.

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