Know Your Foods: Nonorganic vs. Organic

Source: Raw Food Life

Remember when “Super Size Me” changed the way we looked at the fast-food giant McDonald’s? Well, a new study on genetically engineered food/organisms, or GMOs, might change the way you look at nonorganic foods.

In the study, published in the peer-reviewed journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, French researchers discovered that rats exposed for a long period to genetically engineered corn from the chemical company Monsanto or the active ingredient in the weedkiller Roundup experienced health problems such as mammary tumors, kidney and liver damage, digestive disease and allergies. Moreover, half of the female rats died early, while 20 percent of the male rats suffered the same consequence.

Roundup is a pesticide that, when used to kill weeds, is absorbed in plants. This results in pesticides in our nonorganic foods, like processed foods, that may be harmful to humans, according to toxicologists.

On a healthier note, you can choose to eat organic foods, which are all pesticide-free. Though representatives from biotech and chemical companies may not be fond with the public release of the results—Monsanto contributed $7 million to strike down a California initiative that would call for labeling all foods with GMOs—it’s up to the state’s voters to determine by Nov. 6, 2012 where they stand on the topic of nutritional health.


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