Jennifer Hudson Offers Wise Words to Weight Watcher Jessica Simpson


While an increasing number of women are choosing to ditch baby weight through cosmetic procedures, some–even celebrities–are still trying the natural route.

Singer Jennifer Hudson is offering some advice to her successor as Weight Watchers pitchwoman and new mom Jessica Simpson.

Hudson began her relationship with Weight Watchers after the birth of her own child in 2009. Recently, 31 year-old Simpson gave birth to a baby girl, and subsequently struck a deal with Weight Watchers to slim down for $4 million.

Hudson says one of the most important things to remember is not to snack with the baby. She says that with her own child, making cakes was a frequent pastime and licking your fingers is a sneaky way to add pounds. “Those things, we don’t realize what we’re taking in,” she says.

Hudson went from a size 16 to a 6 using the Weight Watchers plan, and says she continues to use the diet. She’s sure that Simpson will do a great job working with the company.

Source: ABC News