January Q & A With Dr. Babak Azizzadeh


Read below to learn more about Dr. Azizzadeh and get a preview of what a visit with him is like, form the consultation to the exciting results.

  • What makes a patient a good candidate for primary rhinoplasty?

Any pathologically sound individually who has concerns about nasal breathing or the cosmetic appearance of their nose.

  • How would you describe your consultation session?

Here at our CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery, consultations are very detailed and in depth. Dr. Azizzadeh will spend time not only to recommend which procedure he feels is best for you, but also will educate you on the reasons behind his decision. You will have the opportunity to utilize our 3D imaging camera which allows you to have a more realistic image of our expected results, and to ensure you and Dr. Azizzadeh have the same goal in mind. Lastly, every patient will receive a complimentary skin evaluation.

  • What are potential complications?

Rhinoplasty overall is a relatively safe procedure with a low risk profile. The primary long-term issue with rhinoplasty includes unsatisfactory aesthetic and/or functional outcome. This is the reason it is important a surgeon has extensive experience and expertise in the procedure.

  • Are results permanent?

Generally speaking, yes, if the nose is structurally supported at the time of the procedure. Otherwise the nose can change shape and form with time. There are, of course, nasal skin changes that occur regardless of one having surgery or not.

  • How do you define a successful result?

A satisfied patient!

Since training at Harvard Medical School for facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Azizzadeh has found due recognition in the medical field, with appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show and ABC’s The Doctors. In the five textbooks that Dr. Azizzadeh has written, the expert touches upon the intricacies of interpersonal connections, art and science and how the three intersect. His patients travel from all over the world to meet with him because of his profound knowledge and experience in the field, his cutting edge approach to medicine and his compassionate bedside manner.

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